Raw-velation #1 – Just Ask :)

My most recent raw-velations has been learning to ask for things.  If you want or need something, ask for it.  If you don’t ask, you’ll never know what could have been.

-Lady Raw Raw

I will always welcome references, recommendations, or suggestions, constructive criticism’s and compliments!

My heart is telling me I need to live in Israel.  I don’t want to move to Israel without a plan, but since I believe we create our own realities, I am going to send into the inter-web universe, my reality of a future.  Please shoot me back information on this reality I am dreaming of :).

Todah Rabah,


Lady Raw Raw


I envision myself working at a Jewish, “SOOSHY” style healing center in Israel.  I say in Tel Aviv, but I would like somewhere more serene, surrounded by beautiful water, mountains, ואהבה.  I am not sure where that is, but I know it exists 🙂

I want to prepare Raw-beegan foods during the week, and on Shabbat enjoye prepared pretzel challah, my mom’s brisket, and the best chocolate chip cookie in the world.

I want a beautiful garden, full of life, in food form, with a central area for meditation.

I want to partake in beautiful shabbat services, full of spirituality, feeling, אמונה ואהאבה.

If you happen to know of a Jewish-Wellness Center in Israel, that would love to invest in a Raw-Food Jewish American Chef, please let me know!

Thank you for your help.

Open your heart. Love. Receive. And embrace.


To feeling alive,

Lady Raw Raw




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